Eberbach Reciprocal Shakers

Eberbach Reciprocating Lab Shakers are known for their durability, ease of use and ability to mix solutions well. Eberbach Reciprocating Lab Shakers are built for continuous duty with multiple options available. If you need a specific solution, Eberbach Corporation has the ability to engineer and manufacture the solution.

Eberbach designs and builds Reciprocal Shakers with the following options:

  • Heavy –Duty Large Volume Mixing / Small Volume Mixing

  • Fixed Speed / Variable Speed / High Speed / Low Speed

  • Long Stroke / Regular Stroke / Small Stroke

  • Variable Speed digital display with digital countdown timer

  • Temperature controlled top plate

  • Explosion Proof / Hazardous Duty

  • Remote Control Operation

  • Tissue Homogenization

  • OEM builds

  • Stainless Steel Models

  • Incubator High Humidity/CO2 Models