The EL665 Programmable Inversion Tumbler is designed to mix wet or dry samples, gently for suspensions, culturing and dry blending or more aggressively by programing the tumbler to rotate clockwise stopping and then rotating counterclockwise.


The EL665 is designed with a continuous duty cycle rated stepper motor, this machine can handle continuous use of unbalanced loads which is often the case when not all the containers are loaded or filled to the same level.  The EL665 is useful in keeping insoluble particles in suspension to minimize the introduction of air into the solution, dry blending powders as well as aggressively agitating different chemicals. The EL665 can also be used in liquid/liquid extractions in situations where typical vigorous shaking is inappropriate (i.e. if you don't want to introduce air into the solutions). The EL665 Programmable Inversion Tumbler can also be used to blend dry powders. The standard unit accepts 4x containers up to 13.5” in height and up to 7" in diameter.


Temperature control / incubation models, stainless steel sanitary models and different container clamping arrangements are available

EL665.00 Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Programmable Inversion Tumbler

SKU: EL665.00
  • ROTATING SPEED: 0 - 100 rpm
    ROTATION DIRECTION: Forward and Reverse
    MAX LOAD CAPACITY: Unbalanced: 20 lbs | Balanced: 100 lbs
    ELECTRICAL: 115V or 230V @ 50/60hz
    WEIGHT: 250 lbs
    DIMENSIONS: Lenthe - 52" | Width - 22" | Height - 23"