The EL655.I Programmable Incubator Tumbler is designed to optimize cell growth in small volumes by improving suspension, aeration and temperature control. The EL655.I keeps fluid moving in a gentle way while increasing the surface area of the liquid air interface for improved cell aeration. The EL655.I can also be used for more aggressive mixing with temperature control applications by programing the tumbler to rotate clockwise stopping and then rotating counterclockwise and can repeat this cycle as many times as required.

The EL655.I is designed to accommodate 2ml, 15ml and 50ml tubes as well as other containers up to 7 inch long and 3 inch diameter (other sizes are available upon request). The EL655.I does not come with tube/bottle/container clamps; these are sold separately and can easily be changed depending on applications.

A tempered glass window is positioned in front of the unit for viewing inside the incubator. When mixing photosensitive samples an optional cover can be installed to block off all light from entering into the chamber. The interior chamber itself is constructed of polished 316 stainless steel for ease of cleaning.

EL655.I Programmable Incubator Tumbler

SKU: EL655.I
  • ROTATING SPEED: 0 - 100 rpm (programmable with audible alarm)
    ROTATION DIRECTION: Forward and Reverse with Jog Function
    MAX CONTAINER CAPACITY: 6 vials from 2 ml to 50 ml each or 4 jars up to 7" long and 3" in diameter - custom options available
    TEMPERATURE RANGE: 3°C above ambient to 55°C (programmable with alarm)
    DATA OUTPUT VIA USB: rpm, timer, temperature (CSV file)
    ELECTRICAL: 115V/230V @ 50/60hz
    WEIGHT: 70 lbs
    DIMENSIONS: Length - 31" | Width - 11.5" | Height - 13.5"