Eberbach’s large capacity Variable-Speed Orbital Shakers are now available with optional integrated load cell and biochemical sensors for use with single use bio process bags and containers. The E6145 series orbital shakers are designed for rotary swirling action and is used extensively in tissue culture work, aeration in fermentations and various other chemical mixing procedures.


The orbital motion of the E6145 ensures efficient liquid mixing, particle suspension and aeration. The E6145 allows high oxygen transfer rates with low shear forces not seen with other bio reactors which use propellers or impellers. The E6145 reduces stress on cells thanks to the swirling action of the shaker. This motion is particularly suitable for cell cultivation. The E6145 uses Eberbach unique balanced bearing plates for a long lasting smooth operation, repeatable motion with accurate control of the orbital speed and time duration.


When used with optional biochemical sensors, the E6145 is idea for scale-up fermentation, cultivation and bio processing applications. Like all Eberbach Shakers these are simple to use and maintain. The eccentric drive is counterbalanced to assure smooth acceleration and minimal bearing wear. The E6145 has a 1” diameter orbit to insure uniform agitation to all containers. Larger or smaller orbits can be specially requested for this shaker series.


For large and/or irregularly shaped containers Eberbach’s optional utility box carrier (E6162) may be added. You can double the holding capacity with a second platform (E6165) and a set of tiering posts, keeping within the weight restrictions. Please contact us for integration into automation systems and robots for loading and unloading. 


316 Stainless Steel Exterior.  Box Carrier sold separately.  Designed to be used in high humidity/CO2 incubators or enviromental chambers, stainless steel large capacity, variable speed orbital shaker power unit, 30 to 320 rpms, 1” orbit (0.75, 2" and 3" available upon request), can accommodate loads up to 150 lbs., 115V/230V 50/60Hz - Power Unit Only. Stainless Steel with Integrated Scale and Pallet Jack Stand.

E6145.LC.SS Stainless Steel Large Orbital Shaker with Integrated Scale

SKU: E6145.LC.SS
  • SPEED: 30 - 320 rpm
    ORBIT: 1" (2" or 3" available upon request)
    MOUNTING: Floor, Suction Cup Feet or Optional Floor Stand
    ELECTRICAL: 115/230V @ 50/60hz - Dual Voltage
    DIMENSIONS (Power Unit):

    -Explosion proof, ATEX, and other hazardous location specifications available

    -Integrated biochemical sensors for pH, CO2, dissolved oxygen and other, for the cultivation of human, mammalian, and plant cells in single use bags and containers

    -IP67 Wash Down

    Data output via Ethernet, Profibus, or other communications protocols

    OPTIONS (Call for Quote):  



Eberbach is an ISO certified Engineering and Manufacturing company located just outside Ann Arbor, MI.  Eberbach has over 175 years of experience in the scientific community, dating back to 1843 when Christian Eberbach opened a pharmacy and began a laboratory supply business for local hospitals and universities. Thirty six years later Eberbach began manufacturing its own line of laboratory equipment beginning the company history of manufacturing sample and material preparation equipment for the scientific community.

Eberbach is well known for its robust products, strong customer service and flexibility to deliver custom solutions to specific applications.


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