• Vial reconsitution
  • Single use bag vaccine reconstitution
  • Blood bag shaking


Eberbach’s Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Variable-Speed Reciprocal Shaker E5900 is designed to shake large containers or large quantities of smaller containers. Essentially a floor unit the E5900 can handle loads up to 100 lbs with the capability of running 24/7 while needing only routine maintenance. The E5900 is powered by a 1/6 hp General Electric split phase motor which drives the platform through a mechanical transmission utilizing a variable pitch pulley system incorporating a V-belt drive. Speed is continuously variable between a range of 60 - 240 osc/minute. (Due to the mechanical transmission upper and lower speed limits may vary by 5%) The horizontal stroke is fixed at 1.5” . The shaker is typically set up with a E5910 large platform (not included) that allows attachment of Erlenmeyer flask holders, separatory funnel holders or a E5915 box carrier that allows the mounting of hard to hold containers. A digital countdown timer and a digital tachometer are available as add on features to further meet your particular procedural requirements. Large Reciprocal Shaker is also available in Explosion-Proof Model (Order No. E5905). Please call Eberbach technical service for installation considerations concerning the explosion proof unit.


Now comes standard with stainless steel base.

E5900.SS Stainless Steel Large Reciprocal Shaker, 115V

SKU: E5900.SS
  • SPEED: 60 - 240 osc/min
    STROKE: 1.5"
    ELECTRICAL: 115V @ 50/60hz
    DIMENSIONS: 39" x 20" x 11"
    WEIGHT: 160 lbs