Designed to be used in high humidity/CO2 incubators, Eberbach’s E5650 Incubation Suitable Digital Benchtop Reciprocal Shaker occupies a minimum area of bench space while maintaining the versatility of our larger units. The unit is powered by a 1/17 hp Bodine DC motor which drives the platform through a filtered SCR controller. The speed is continuously variable between a range of 20 - 240 osc/min. Yet, at a given setting the speed is constant and is not affected by normal line voltage fluctuations. The horizontal stroke is factory set at 1”. A 1.5” stroke model is also available. This reciprocal shaker model will shake a load of 40 lbs at low speed and 20 lbs at maximum. Its bench top footprint measures 21”x 15”. A digital controller controls platform speed and allows for timed operations.  Incubator Ready model has a Stainless Steel Exterior, Sealed bearings, and Potted PCB Electronics.

E5650.IN Incubation Suitable Stainless Steel Digital Benchtop Reciprocal Shaker

SKU: E5650.IN
  • SPEED: 20 - 240 osc/min
    STROKE: 1 in  (optional 1.5" model available)
    ELECTRICAL: 115V or 230 V @ 50/60hz
    DIMENSIONS: 21" x 15" x 6.3"